What Taurus says about February 2020

What Taurus says about February 2020

What Taurus says about February 2020. Welcome to Codedata, dear friends. You just came through a new moon in Aquarius, touching the opportunity for honor, award and achievement in your tenth house. This makes February your best month to get a promotion or move towards finding a new position. You must have read about this new moon last month, as it happened on Friday, January 24-Saturday, January 25 (depending on your time zone).

That Amavasya was merged with his approach because Uranus, the planet of sudden news, was in the critical square (90-degree) angle of the Sun. The situation in Uranus states that you have (or have already experienced) a barrier that comes out of the blue. When you discover your new position, verify your references before handing over a list – you must be certain that there are no spoiled potatoes in that list. Chances are you’ve already encountered the sudden news, because Amavasya appeared a week ago. Since this is the only new moon of 2020 to illuminate your tenth house of fame, you will need to find a way to work with it.

Uranus is the planet that gives us no notice, keeps us on our toes, and increases our resourcefulness to deal with the ways we cope with that time.The only exception is if you have a planet in your three-degree Kumbh or Leo in your natal chart. If you do, you will also feel it, no matter when your birthday is.

Nevertheless, at that time 24-25 Amavasya, Mars, action planets, communication were beautifully conversant with Mercury. This suggests that if you had a challenge (or would have one in early February), you could find your way out of your bribe patch by talking calmly. Uranus rules Aquarius, a sign of your honor, award and achievement field, so something related to your career is likely to come suddenly, but it can be handled well.

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