What Virgo Says about October 2019

What Virgo Says about October 2019. Welcome to codedata, dear friends. As a girl, you generally don’t like to spend a lot of time doing financial planning, because your world is one of intellectual thought, and you excel in communication arts, editing, writing, speaking, research and teaching. . Some virgoes become excellent translators, and others become actors because memorizing your lines is not a problem – many virago have photographic memory.
Forbes magazine says that Virgo and Pisces are the signs of becoming the most millionaires or billionaires, and I say that’s because you don’t chase money. You keep your eye on the product and the display, and you have a perfectionist tendency that inspires you to make your work polished. Money is what you think – you don’t have to chase it
Still, even if the idea of spending time alone with your accountant or with your calculator doesn’t thrill you at all, everyone sometimes has to think about finances, and this month, you’ll be inspired to get started.
Last month on September 28, Amavasya in Libra sign, at five degrees, opened opportunities to earn more money and cut recurring expenses, which you no longer use. Now you will look more closely at your financial statements – and this is a good idea. That Amavasya is still strong as it enters October, and you can find ways to increase your cash flow. If you think you’re due for a hike, now there’s no harm in asking anyone to enter October – do so in the first week
The new or full moon of Libra puts Venus, the ruler of Libra, front and center, and happily, at the time of the new moon of September 28, Venus was in direct contact with Jupiter, the giver of gifts and fortune. This suggests that your efforts to keep your finances in good shape will stop. Property-related matters — the purchase or sale of a home or property near you (such as furniture in a yard sale) —as a particularly attractive area for your investigation in early October.

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