What Libra says about October 2019

What Libra says about October 2019. Welcome to Codedata, dear friends. Starting in October as your first house has a crown of stars in the form of sweet little planets in Libra, you are feeling optimistic and energetic. The Amavasya coming on September 28 was in Libra in five degrees, which is the only Amavasya of the year which will appear in your sign. This Amavasya will now allow you to have maximum control over events, so you don’t have to be concerned about whether your opinion will clash with others – it’s your perspective that matters and what others want to hear.
As a Libra zodiac, you are a practitioner of culture, art, literature, cuisine, fashion and design, and especially to change the pulse and understand the taste of the public before there is a general awareness of changing the pulse of the public And are talented in anticipation. If you are a lawyer, as many librarians, you use your indomitable ability to anticipate social changes and assess how a jury might look at the case you are presenting.
That Amavasya of September 28 was a beneficial one, because a new moon in Libra likes you, and will favor you, above all else, in early October. Jupiter, the giver of gifts and fortune, was in your ruling planet, Venus and the integer (at 17 degrees), and therefore both will take good care of you. The aspects of the time of Amavasya prepared a blueprint that would continue in the coming weeks and months.
The first step towards a dream is dear to you. Jupiter is not only the planet of good fortune, but it is also called the planet of miracles. Plant a seed with optimism, because you are so strongly supported with Jupiter, you have what you want to provide that you want to start now, in early October. It’s okay to take a baby step – the point starts when you have a favorable new moon, as you do, now.
If your birthday falls on September 28, then five days or less, last month’s Amavasya, though important for all Libras, will be doubly favorable to you. If you are five degrees in Libra, or Libra, or 5 degrees in Libra, Gemini, or Aquarius, or minus five degrees in Aquarius, this is true.

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