What Leo says about October 2019

What Leo says about October 2019

Welcome to Codedata, dear friends. Thank you for setting aside time for us. In your fortune, you are in a five-story building where the corridors look like each other. You will have to go somewhere where official procedures are being carried out. A document you are supposed to submit will be lost and you will have to send your documents all over again. You will get good results for your official procedures after all these endeavors. If you have a legal action that has been ongoing, you may a so receive good news about that.

In your future symbols there are a few people that you are looking at face to face. I see that you either had or will have some arguments or problems within the family. This matter appears to be both spiritual and material. They intervene in your personal life too much directly or in a roundabout way. I can say that this is the reason why you are nervous. It will be beneficial for you to be patient.

There is a partridge in your fortune. Looks like you will be upset by some news that you will receive from the people around you. You will have some questions in your mind. Obviously, you are quite overwhelmed. In about 2months this issue will be resolved.

I see a door with a flag. This turns out to be the news that you have been waiting for. You have business in a government office. You will go to that door with the flag four times and your business will eventually be concluded.

There are low reeds in patches, hiding the pond in the middle of them, as they appear in your reflections. Water symbolizes wealth and prosperity but you can’t c early see those opportunities because of the reeds surrounding the water.

Friends it seems impossible for you to be unsuccessful in something that’s not hard to do but only requires some patience and effort.

Additionally your aura is quite bright this refers to your inner peace and good luck in life.


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