What Leo says about February 2020

What Leo says about February 2020

What Leo says about February 2020. Welcome to Code data, dear friends February will be an exciting month, which will be spent on various occasions and special days to bring you good news. January was difficult for some readers, but February should be a short month full of twinkling stars to arouse your spirits.

My astrology area appeared in the last month of the pop-up shop Bloomingdale’s and will run from 1 March. This is a high point of my career, and a project that I have enjoyed well. I worked in several departments with several executives at Bloomingdale’s from last summer – resulting in the shop being breathtakingly beautiful. My store is part of the “carousel” concept found on the main floor in their four shops.
Last month, on the new moon of January 24, you were thinking about your relationship. This person is someone with whom you are in a serious, committed relationship. In the days following that new moon, something unexpected happened that might have shocked you. That new moon was in a serious angle to Uranus, so you’ll still be sorting unexpected news about a partner, whether that person is your spouse, business partner or associate, such as an agent, publicist, accountant, lawyer, or other expert. You work closely. If you are a Singh born at the end of July, then Amavasya on January 24 may require a little bit of adjustment.

As you start February, things get a little better because you have time to sort things out. I am not saying that it is easy. The shock of what unfolded is gone, but you still have the possibility to work out the details of what you need to do after proceeding.

Keep in mind that difficult new moons often simply test the situation you’re dealing with, and this situation is related to the subject covered by the house in which the new moon falls – in this case, your romantic or business partner.

Now, as you get closer to February 8, a large, positive full moon is about to appear at 20 degrees in Leo. This is the only full moon of the year in Leo zodiac sign, and it will give some significant importance to you. This full moon is sweet like sugar, and Mars will be helpful, as it is in Sagittarius, a companion fire sign in the ideal angle for your sun and full moon. Mars will energize you, and you can see the fulfillment of a wonderful relationship – you can have an enchanting evening.

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