What Gemini says about November 2019

What Gemini says about November 2019
What Gemini says about November 2019. Welcome to Codedata, dear friends. You will soon make an important financial decision, but getting there makes you stressful. This is due to the imminent meeting of Saturn and Pluto in the eighth house of your people’s money. These two planets will meet on January 12, so you will announce the decision in late December or early January. I will not minimize the importance of this decision — it is a big one. Pluto, when in conjunction with another planet, often presents a situation in which something happens or someone you believe you cannot live without, yet you must be. Letting go looks at your sense of financial security.

Pluto is about to show you that you have to find a way forward despite the risk of action. Only you know the details of this situation, but I can say this – never take a decision out of fear. Don’t say, I’m too scared to do it, so I won’t do anything. (This is a decision in itself, anyway.) Instead, take the adventurous route, plan carefully, and say, I must do it now, because I cannot allow this situation to proceed. In the situation you face, you may have no choice but to drop and barrel, in which case you are in luck, as it will prompt you to take action, to your ultimate advantage.

Next month, on 2 December, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and miracles, will enter the same region of your solar eighth house of other people’s wealth. Jupiter will be for your defense and will propose expansion, growth and profit, one of your best years for financial gain. You haven’t seen any evidence of this yet, but in the coming weeks and certainly in January, you will. It is likely that you will combine your money with another person, perhaps through performance-based income, such as commissions, royalties, licensing fees, bonuses, or cash advances, as some examples. This part of your chart also invests in your personal stocks and bonds, but if you are self-employed, invest in your company.

Other people’s money houses – where Saturn and Pluto currently reside, and who will welcome Jupiter on December 2 – also rule out a different type of money: taxes, student loans and scholarships, credit cards, bank loans, mortgages, inheritance , Win prizes, valuable gifts and insurance payments, as some examples. As you see, it is money that comes in and goes out. Nevertheless, it seems that a lot more money is going to come to you during 2020.

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