What Aries says about November 2019

What Aries says about November 2019

What Aries says about November 2019. Welcome to Codedata, dear friends. You will find that October is less loud than October, and for that, you will likely be grateful. October serves as a mid-point month between eclipses in July and those arriving in late December and January 2020. A mid-point is a synchronous point, and a mid-point can be a heavy pressure focused on you in the month. , But only if the mid-point degree triggers a planet in your chart. Doesn’t matter – if it’s done, then you’ve already found out that last month. In other words, if October was a nightmare, this was the reason.

The mercury was preparing to go retrograde on October 31 last month, and to no avail. You have already started feeling the signs of a recession weeks like October 8 and you will continue to feel Mercury regression until 20 November. In fact, Mercury did not make October any easier to navigate. This time, Mercury in Scorpio – directly opposite Uranus, the planet of all things is unpredictable – and that will make this regression a little harder to navigate. This special tendency of Mercury can try your patience.

Uranus rules over moving parts in electronics and machines, and Uranus will resist Mercury retrograde. This shows as an example that you may have computer problems or car problems this month, especially in the first days of November. You want to backup all your data and system preferences, just in case there is a problem. You have faced such cases in the last month. Mercury retrograde will show you when the gears in your machines are malfunctioning or when the software is not behaving properly. You may find that you are sending items to the repair shop more often and also returning purchases that are not the correct model or size. You can travel all the time – but do not sign electronics or contracts if you can avoid doing so.

Your schedule will open when there are delays and postponements, and November will be a slightly less busy time, for days in which nothing is suddenly scheduled, you can follow your own agenda.

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